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Father of Journalism “Maulana Zafar Ali Khan”

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We are the people who believe that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is a profound reformer and other prophets and messengers of God are not to be followed. Some of the commonalities of all the messengers and prophets of God are that, they led their lives in the midst of numerous hardships and difficulties, borne agonies and worries, and in the most difficult hours they remained patient and contented. This is the brightest aspect of their lives which converted them into the tower of illumination and a source to enlighten the people. The same lesson is derived from the stories of great men published in the different magazines., and all the intellectuals of the world agree upon this point that a great man is not the one who has attained a high position and status or has accumulated the heavy bulk of fortune for himself. But the one who has formulated a high ambition and then toiled hard for the achievement of that goal with profound honesty and sincerity. The magnitude of difficulties, hardships, dejections and agonies faced by a person with patience; determines the greatness of a successful and victorious person.

The true lover of Holy Prophet(pbuh) and a brave ,outspoken leader of the Independence Movement of our nation, The Father of Journalism had followed the same glorified traits of those Dignified Prophets of God. He, as a seasoned journalist, an exemplary writer and orator, and a perfect extempore poet, a well-known translator, and a great organizer adorned his journalism with truthful and extrovert journalism. Maulana fought for the Muslim Freedom. He encouraged the timid and docile people and infused in them the courage to look in the eyes of their British rulers. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan had a keen desire to unite the Muslims of the world.

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan had selected, the best calligraphers, writers and translators of the Sub-Continent for his newspaper ‘Zameendar’ For the first time he hired the services of news agencies and appointed his representatives in the leading cities of the Muslim World. Before Maulana’s entrance in the field of Journalism, the editors or owners of newspapers were called, “Munshi” Most of them were illiterate, ignorant of the prevailing political and social environment and latest trends of modern age. Maulana was the first Graduate of Aligarh University who entered the field of journalism. He had a thorough study of Islamic History and Religion, He had a commendable command over the language and speech, besides his comprehensive study of latest mode of economics, sociology and politics.

He studied different constitutions of the world and comprehended the law, observed the changes that occurred with the passage of time . He believed to use the same type of weapon for the enemy which he was accustomed to and equipped with.

Many a times, the security of ‘Zameendar’ was confiscated, and in no time the Indian Muslims who could sacrifice their lives for him, collected a huge amount to deposit the security for ‘Zameendar’ so that the publication of the newspaper may not be terminated or obstructed. Maulana had to spend fourteen valuable years of his life in bearing the tortures of jail, but he never failed to speak the truth and the demand for freedom. The aggression and suppression of the British rulers could not stop him talking the truth and could not shake his determination and perseverance. When he made a speech, there was an eloquent flow of words that intoxicated and thrilled the audience. His firmness of faith and devotion for the cause, created dynamism in his nature which helped to arouse the Muslims of India.

According to some critics, Maulana’s journalism and addresses were a mere roar, thunder and lightening of clouds. He claimed to be a militant and aggressive journalist. There was an enthusiasm and fervor in his journalism more than wisdom and rationality. Emotions and excitement surpassed reasoning and philosophy. Today if we study the writings of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, we come to realize that his writings were enriched with precision and grandeur of words. His style of writing was replete with spontaneity, and instigative analysis.

Due to his extra-ordinary intelligence, creative mental power, enormous capabilities and hard work round the clock, introduced new attractions and versatility in journalism. He granted Honour and Dignity to this profession of Journalism. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan was followed by a number of educated, intelligent and learned young Muslims towards this hard thorny path of journalism. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan was a trend maker and introduced such remarkable standards and established such traditions in journalism, that there was no room left for the Munshis and those worthless and incapable persons who wanted to just try their luck in journalism.

No doubt, journalism and politics of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan is an exemplary beacon of light for our politicians and journalists. His journalism and politics, as a golden chapter of our history, will always teach and guide us towards the right path.

His lesson is:

1- The true leadership, command and politics is not the job of incapable, opportunists and cowards.

2- For leading a nation, it is compulsory to have a profound devotion for the teachings of Quraan, firm faith in the Sovereignty of God, and extreme love for the preaching of the Holy Prophet(pbuh)

3- Besides undaunted courage, only those can lead a nation with politics and journalism, , who have been bestowed with enormous creative potential, understanding and a sound insight by Almighty God. The one who is well informed, has a vision to see and understand the current drift, in comparison with the past events.

4-Only that can be a true journalist and politician who is determined to sacrifice his life and fortunes for the nation.

5- Only those can pave their way in journalism and politics, who possess a broader vision and insight.

6- Success cannot be achieved in the field of politics and journalism without having full command over language and speech, enriched with comprehensiveness, spontaneity and eloquence.

7- It is a desertion from the mission and targeted goal to be overcome by dread and dismay.

8- Absence of the pre-requisites and technical requirements, and desertion of code of conduct in politics and journalism are like committing a suicide in this field.

9- It is a self deception in journalism and politics, to be a hypocrite, and influenced by the flowery tongue of the courtiers , and still think they can swindle the people

10- The one who has never been through hard times, and tries to gain sympathy of the people by lamenting on the transitory difficulties or suffering can be called ‘narrow-minded, hypocrite or a bragger.

11- Only those should enter politics and journalism who are convinced that they have a complete know how about the problems and worries of the people and can offer appropriate solutions to them.

12- Success in politics and journalism is possible only, with innovation and in finding new solutions for the old problems and adopting long term plans.

13- It is but natural, that if politics and journalism, is honestly endeavoring to protect the rights of the people, and damage the interest of the opposing forces, then they must be prepared to face antagonism from all sides.

14-It is the utmost need of hour, to bring another Maulana Zafar Ali Khan for the guidance of people and to get them out of this illogical chaos and dearth of positive thought process.

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