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Father demands inquiry into daughter’s death

KARACHI: Father of a 19-year-old girl, Sana, who died a mysterious death on August 31, 2006, suspected to be killed by he in-laws, demanded a fresh inquiry into her death.
After efforts of several months, Irshad Ali, father of the deceased, was granted access to her grave in the presence of Judicial Magistrate South, Khushi Muhammed and other police officials, to take specimen of her body for DNA tests.

Initially, Irshad Ali had been denied access to her dead body by Sana’s husband and in-laws, threatening him (Irshad) of killing if he insisted demanding access to the body.
In a statement issued by Madadgaar, which is assisting Irshad Ali, said: “Although Sana had married of her consent, but had been subjected to physical abuse by her husband, Jamshed Ali.” Irshad Ali suspects that Sana was poisoned to death by her husband. She was six months pregnant.

Source: The News