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Fake news on social media

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I would like to draw your attention towards the fake news on social media. As you can see, it has become a trend nowadays that people on social media tell other fake news on anything to fool others. For example, somebody will say that there were a lot of people at the market or will say that the stores were closed or will say that nobody came to that meeting or the teacher has got sick and cannot conduct a class. Then the next day the other finds out that what was told on social media, it didn’t actually happen at all or somebody tells you that nothing like that happened.

The fact is that some people spread fake news for fun to fool others without any reason, this also misguides people. This is nothing more than playing with someone’s life who has no business with you. Social media did help bring people together but also gave rise to many evils that also includes spreading fake news to the people. This trend will derail the young ones from spending their precious time doing something meaningful.

Newspaper: Pakistan Today

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