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Facebook: Revolutionising how we socialise

By Muhammad Aayan Ali

LAHORE: The world is filled with gimmicks and fakeness, which has become a way of life in the current era. There is nothing more important than self-projection these days and survival in society is becoming difficult with each passing day, both financially and socially.

Previously, the youth considered having good clothes, a good mobile phone and money as requisitions for adjustment in society.

Now, however, a person’s Facebook account has become the new barometre to measure their social strength. A person’s Facebook friend list has become the new criterion of judging his/her social strength and abilities.

People who never wanted to use Facebook previously have been compelled to make Facebook accounts so as to interact with peers and colleagues to strengthen their social circle.

Another aspect of this ‘Facebook culture’ is the increase in number of depressed individuals.

People get feel dejected and bitter owing to various reasons; when they see a colleague or a friend having a good time on a vacation abroad while the person himself/herself has no chance of escaping work or responsibilities, or when people share success stories that are rare to find in the real world.

Several news reports have been published in foreign media of incidents where the Facebook administration alerted the authorities concerned about individuals who had placed suicide date and time on their status bars. The messages read they were pessimistic and fed up of life and did not want to live anymore.

People have started treating Facebook as their personal diaries, writing about each and every feeling and minutest activity, for which they are often subjected to leg-pulling and criticism.

Moreover, introduction of smart phones has also given a boost to the Facebook culture. Facebook applications are now just a touch away.

Around ten years ago, having an email account meant that a person was up-to-date and had knowledge of latest technology, however, the advent of Facebook has given birth to a social barometre according to which a person does not have a social life unless he/she had a Facebook account.

Ajoka Theatre Director Madiha Gauhar said that personal interaction was more important than spending time on social networking websites, specially for youngsters. “I persuade children to be physically active and spend less time on Facebook as all their attention revolves around their accounts and virtual interaction which is not good, both for their physical and mental health,” she said.

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