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Facebook and our youths


WHO can deny that youngsters are our future and, above all, they have undying potential to do something really better for their nation. What has saddened me to spell out these observations is to share something that is really hazardous for our youths.

Visiting Facebook for the youths of Pakistan has become an addiction. I think they don’t live without it even during their study time.

I have noticed plenty of students either visiting the website on their mobile phones or finding an opportunity to visit.

I had a furtive look on those students during visits on the site to know whether they do anything productive or formative in terms of their education. They do either to respond to their friends or see pictures or stupid jokes, animation or ephemeral reading material they receive on a daily basis from their Facebook friends.

In return, they get nothing while being hours and hours before the website. Facebook or social media is outright harmful for students who do not know its dangerous effects. They have hundreds of opinions on an issue which often leads them into a state of confusion. They remain indecisive about arriving at a conclusion on an issue of daily routine, let alone academic and scholarly topics of their own studies.

There would be many people in our society who can tell you some of its benefits.

However, these little benefits are taking away our best with regard to our youths.

Parents should keep a watchful eye on their children as to what they do while visiting such websites.


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