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‘Expressing reality through realism and modernism’

Pakistan Press Foundation


Fresh artwork collection of Pakistan’s veteran artist, Masood A Khan, was put on display at the Canvas Gallery on Tuesday.

Khan, a recipient of several prestigious awards locally and internationally, said the recent body of work was a continuation of his past 22 appearances at various art galleries.

“At each appearance, I adopted a new vocabulary to paint the essence of truth with lines and layers. As transparency is the quintessence of naked reality, it remains constant on my surfaces.” he said. Further describing his work, Khan added, “With a blend of feelings, I express reality through realism combined with modernism. In the remote recesses of my subconscious lies an effort to create a spiritual climate that touches the heart.”

The artist said he felt a new liberty when the beauty of every form was clear and visible, allowing him to create a multidimensional view.

“I don’t need to distort the naturalistic forms as portrayed in the cubism of art. I have externalised my outrage at religious hypocrisy as well as social and economic- it cloaks and disguises our true intentions.”

He added that, “In my works, a world emphasising the simplicity and joy of spiritual content counters the contemporary illusion with all its perils.” The exhibition would be on display at the gallery till August 13.

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