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Express Media joins Alliance For Access

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KARACHI: Express Media Group joined Alliance For Access, a nationwide coalition of corporations, telecommunication companies, non-profit organisations and academics for open access in Pakistan, on Monday, as part of its efforts to promote free access to information.

Alliance For Access, an initiative of Bolo Bhi, a research-focused advocacy group for policy change, is working for protecting fundamental rights to privacy.

“In light of the ongoing YouTube ban and the consistent crackdown on communication services, the Express Media Group is deeply concerned over the consistent denial of rights to information protected under the law,” a press release stated.

“Media groups are also reliant on consistent communications and interactions to progress, therefore any restrictions placed unnecessarily and disproportionately is of grave concern,” the statement released on Monday said.

“With a new government in power, we believe there is need for a constructive policy dialogue rather than consistent ad-hoc blocking of communications.”

“The government has sought to restricting citizens right to access and communication under the banner of national security, therefore it is imperative that citizens come together to compel the government to protect and preserve their fundamental rights.”

The Express Media Group supported the initiatives undertaken by Bolo Bhi and other similar organisations, in voicing a wide-spread public concern on restricting the access to information and denying the citizens of their lawful rights.

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