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Exhibition showcases landscape art

By: Ahtesham azhar

KARACHI: An art exhibition entitled “Celebrating Art on Paper” organised at Majmua, the art gallery. the other day. The exhibition showcased landscape and works of abstract art and will continue till the December 30. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mehreen Ilahi, the event curator said, “This time we have honoured the senior artists of Karachi, especially late Laila Shehzad. Her work is still popular and regarded as masterpiece.”

She further added that the Laila’s work had been archeological nature, many historic icons such as Buddha and Gandhar find their way Laila’s works, which was both vivid and distinctive. The guest of honour was Andreas Bold who is construction delegate at the German Red Cross was fascinated by the display of art and culture on paper; he regarded the exhibition as a perfect variety of all forms of fine arts. “The gallery Majmua typifies the phrase small is beautiful,” commented Ilyas Fazli, a visitor at the show. The collections display masterpieces of well-known creative artists like late Laila Shehzad, Rabia Zubeiri, Abrar, Ather, Moazzam and Mansoor A. Mehreen said Majmua Art Gallery continued its tradition of celebrating the works of our artists and their creativity.

A visitor Hammadur Rehman said that watching group exhibition always gave positive impact as people could find verity in work. “Artwork expressing itself that it all belongs from the senior artists, he said, adding that galleries should organise group exhibition besides solo shows. “It could provide help get attention of public,” she concluded.