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Exhibition on environment concludes

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KARACHI: A two-day exhibition of artworks by Fauzia Khan in connection with World Environment Day concluded at the Arts Council’s Ahmed Pervez Gallery on Friday.

A total of 37 exhibits were on display all of which highlighted the importance of the munificence of nature and a pollution-free environment.

Two things stand out in Fauzia Khan’s work: one, her acceptance of the divinity that lies or concealed in nature: two, the significance of a fecund soil that basically means a verdant atmosphere where flowers bloom, rivers flow and trees sway in perfect harmony.

The first piece ‘Serenity’ gives away the artist’s intention without being unnecessarily complicated. With ‘Amaltas’ the viewer moves away from the subject for a moment and appreciates Fauzia Khan’s ability to speak in the language of colours.

The green and yellow combine to create the effect that the artist wants in order to stress not just the environmental aspect of the image but also its aesthetic value.

Wo Ghaib Bhi Hai Hazir Bhi indicates how much value the artist attaches to nature. She senses divinity in it and sees much more in a tree than just a combination of trunk, leaves and boughs. Her artistic prowess is best expressed in a piece titled ‘Tree with a Heart’. The detail in the artwork is worth mentioning.

Other than the paintings on display, five prints diversify the technical side to the exhibition.

The theme doesn’t change but technique does. Of the five exhibits, ‘Autumn Beauty’ holds the viewer’s attention primarily because of the tranquil ambience that it creates with a fair degree of visual verisimilitude.


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