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Exhibition of Islamic calligraphy begins

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Karachi: The Arts Council has rendered yeoman service to society in spreading the arts, especially those with a religious flavour.

These views were expressed by Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, the city commissioner, while inaugurating the Islamic calligraphy exhibition at the Arts Council on Wednesday evening.

He lauded the works of the artists and said that they were a highly talented lot.

Referring to two entries that had been sent all the way from Saudi Arabia by Mona Siddiqui, he said it showed the way our people revered religion.

He also appreciated Arts Council Secretary Ahmed Shah’s efforts for organising such an intellectually gainful activity under the umbrella of the Arts Council.

The exhibition is based on 113 works by 72 artists.

All the paintings are an exquisite blend of colours and in fact it is the subtle yet harmonious blending of colours into one another that is suggestive of the glory that is the universe.

However, some of the works stand out even among the otherwise very exquisite ones. For instance, there is Munir Shah’s oil-on-canvas, various shades of blue in a void supposed to represent the cosmos and a big, multi-coloured orb with the Quranic verse which says that even the cosmos, the earth, the planets are obedient to The Almighty and bow in supplication before him. It is all the magic of the colouring techniques that convey such a daunting message. Munir Shah is a lyrical colourist, indeed.

Then there is another work, this one by Ashfaq Ahmed. An oil-on-canvas, it is again the magic of colours and colouring techniques with the words “Allah-O-Raheem” inscribed in stylised letters.

There’s a mural by M A Bukhari with highly attractive colours and verses from the scriptures harmoniously inscribed.

Arts Council Secretary Ahmed Shah thanked the artists for their valuable contributions and their enthusiasm.

Earlier, Qudsia Akbar, chairperson, Fine Arts Committee, welcomed the guest of honour and the guests. The exhibition continues up until July 19th.

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