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Excessive Television (TV) watching affects children behaviour

PESHAWAR- Excessive watching of TV causes evident changes in children s behaviour, they become aggressive and stress for forthwith fulfillment of their desires. If parents take a careful observation of their offspring, they will come to know how much kids are suffering from negative effects of TV.

These observations were made in a study conducted on effects of TV on children. The study was reported by Network, an NGO, in its latest monthly journal.

The study says that if your child wants immediate achievement of his desire or forthwith solution to any problem, lives in seclusion, likes games of aggressive nature, loses temperament, always looks tired, avoid chores or refuses to work, always talk about TV programmes, refuse to turn off TV after end of programmes, these are symptoms of danger and its time when your child need you (parent) and not the TV.

The study also suggested a ban on watching of TV by children of less than two years age Because, it continued TV has direct effect on child’s mind. Those children who watch TV, take extra time in speaking instead of those who don’t watch it, the study continued.

Adding that the first three years of child are of great importance. These initial years are years of surprising progression of human mind. During this time mind take stock of different skills. If a child is not properly nurtured during first five years, the loss received cannot be overcome in the remaining life.

The study also suggested that TV set should not be kept in children’s room, as it will keep them away from family members, effects their study and capability of thinking. Always keep TV off at meal time, as its best time for family members to sit together and have a chat. Make a time table for TV watching and select a day in week on which TV will not be watched. Never give incentive of TV programme to children and never debar them from watching their favorite programme. Both these acts add the affection of TV.
Source: The Nation