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Exaggeration: core element of TV news

THIS is apropos of Anis Siddiqui`s letter, `Code of ethics for television channels` (Jan 20). The writer has mentioned the current culture of television news in Pakistan. More than a source of disseminating information, it has become a business to earn more revenue to seek more audience. Credibility and objectivity of news is superseded by the amount of panic it causes.

Sensationalism has become its bedrock as market-driven journalism seems to be the mantra of most of our television news channels.

Insignificant news finds priority in the headline slot while overexposure of the acts of leaders, degrading politician`s image, coverage of not-so-important celebrity`s weddings are blown out of proportion.

Anchors further sensationalise and spice up news. What an anchorperson says is sometimes considered the last and final word.

Credible and thorough investigative reporting seems to be a far-reached norm of responsible journalism in Pakistan. In a country like Pakistan where literacy rate is so low and the print media cannot reach the illiterate population, television is the medium which can be used as a vital source to bring a consensus on serious issues.

The media should emphasise qualitative reporting, with a true sense of objectivity. It should help cultivate a sense of responsibility among people and its objective should be to promote national stability. Talk shows that portray a negative image of Pakistan should be checked and monitored.

Source: Dawn