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Not everyone loves Malala!

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Private school across the country took an anti-Malala stance on Thursday when they celebrated ‘I am not Malala’ Day, marking the day with seminars and walks against the book ‘I am Malala’, which they termed “controversial”.

Addressing the seminar All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) President Kashif Mirza said that ban on Malala’s book should continue.

Kashif said that the APPSF is the single largest registered organisation to represent all private schools of the country. He declared that the federation decided that in future ‘I am not Malala’ Day shall be observed in all the private schools annually on October 9.

He added that Salman Rushdie’s book Satanic Verses has been referred as freedom of expression in Malala’s book which is an insult to Islam. He said there was no need to touch “sensitive” issues regarding Islam in her book.

Mirza pointed out that the APPSF went on strike when Malala was attacked by the Taliban and the entire staff and students of private schools expressed solidarity with her against the Taliban. We also observed Malala Day but that never meant that the private schools would accept every “substandard” thing written in Malala’s book, he said, adding that is why, we observed ‘I am not Malala’ Day.

The APPSF president vowed that there are almost 700,000 teachers teaching tens of hundreds of thousands of students in private schools of Pakistan and the federation has directed them to update the children not to follow Malala after her book.

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