Engro pledges to conserve water on ‘World Water Day’

Pakistan Press Foundation

Engro has reaffirmed its commitment to support the Sustainable Development Goal 6 which is crystal clear on conserving water so that the same can be provided to all by 2030.

On the World Water Day, Engro conducted a graceful campaign at the plant site advocating the Sustainable Development Goal # 6 which helped creating awareness among the employees, stakeholders and guests to make sure that we take adequate steps at all levels and all places.

Speaking on the occasion, Zarkhez plant manager Wajid Hussain Junejo unveiled the strategy and plans to support the SDG6 to ensure availability of water for all by 2030. Most the population in Pakistan especially in rural areas has no access to safe drinking water and their lands, agriculture, households, schools, workplaces, farms and plants seem struggling to survive.

Junejo said at Engro Zarkhez plant we continue to find new ways to conserve water so that the same can be available elsewhere for economic as well as social needs.

Engro is able to reduce our water consumption at the plant by a massive 45 percent by making our internal processes more efficient and using sprinkler irrigation system for the green patches.

“We launched pitcher irrigation system at site instead of flood irrigation and recycled the waste water ensuring nothing leaves our premises. We revamped our drinking water systems at site and established clean drinking water stations at various locations where quality of water is maintained on global standards frequently checking the set parameters”, he added.-PR

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