‘Efforts for objective reporting admirable’ | Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

Pakistan Press Foundation

‘Efforts for objective reporting admirable’

Pakistan Press Foundation

Karachi: At a reception he hosted for the city’s Pakhtun journalists on Wednesday at his residence, United States Consul General in Karachi Brian Heath lauded the role being performed for societal development by the country’s journalist community.

Addressing the near 50 reporters, editors, media managers and several Pakhtun poets, students and notable professionals who attended the event, Heath said, “Tonight is about celebrating Pakistan’s cultural diversity and showing our appreciation for the dedication and hard work of its Pakhtun journalists.”

“As the Pakhtun community has a marked passion for beautiful literature, we decided to organise a poetry reading to share in their love of elegantly arranged prose.”

Members of the audience and even members of the consulate staff joined in a spirited ‘attan’, a traditional Pakhtun folk dance.

In a more sober vein, the US consul general also recognised the professional commitment and dedication of the nation’s reporters. “Journalism is a dangerous profession in many places around the world, including Pakistan,” said Heath.

“Too many of your colleagues have given their lives in their efforts to report the truth. A free press plays a critical role in any democratic society and your continued efforts to report objectively are highly commendable.”

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