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‘Edhi Foundation will continue to serve humanity, come what may’

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Karachi: “Those propagating hate against us only strengthen our resolve. I say, come at us! Keep abusing and passing edicts, for this will only fortify our institution,” said a resolute Faisal Edhi, son of the late philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, while speaking of the propaganda initiated against the Edhi Foundation after senior Edhi’s demise.

Addressing a condolence reference held in his father’s honour by the Arts Council Karachi, on Tuesday, Faisal said he could follow into his father’s footsteps but could never be the man (Edhi) himself.

“People have high expectations from me and I will give my all to live up to them and ensure the institution maintains its reputation.”

Hosted by a representative of the council, Noman Khan, the reference saw several renowned personalities pay tribute to Edhi, whose humanitarian services would always hold the city under his debt.

City commissioner, Aijaz Ahmad Khan, while speaking at the reference lauded Faisal’s commitment and shared that he too had had the privilege of meeting Edhi from whom he learnt the art of serving humanity.

“After spending a few hours with him I realised how a person could completely disassociate himself from his existence only to benefit countless others,” he said, adding, that Faisal’s resolve was commendable and was a sure sign of the humanitarian’s work being carried forward.

“Being a representative of the city’s administration and government, I want to assure the organisation that I am just a call away and would help them for whatever they need assistance with,” he added.

Executive Director of the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (Piler) Karamat Ali said Edhi showed everyone how one person could pave way for a social welfare state.

He spoke of how it was possible for the government to allocate resources for national health services, but expressed disappointment over the state’s blatant aversion to important issues.

“Edhi’s institution safeguarded rights of the oppressed and those saluting him should rise against tyranny.

He was the only person who had the courage to pick up injured and dead labourers when they were shot at in the labour movement of 1972,” he recounted.

Dr Qaiser Sajjad who had been associated with Edhi Foundation said despite being a global icon, the philanthropist was always in reach and paid heed to suggestions given to him.

“Once I told him, that instead of killing time outside hospitals, ambulance drivers should learn how to administer an IV drip which could save several lives. He listened to my advice and had all the drivers trained in this regard.”

Speaking of an interview she had conducted of Edhi, parliamentary leader Mehtab Akbar Rashidi said he was a man to whom everyone turned to when all doors were shut.

“I asked him why he begged for funds, and he answered that he knew people would come forward to donate and that he wanted them to realise each cent counted.”

Arts Council President Aijaz Ahmed Farooqi concluded the event by praising Edhi Foundation and its commitment to taking forward Edhi’s services.

Haseena Moin, Salma Murad, Majeed Ahmed and others also spoke at the reference. The attendees and speakers later lit candles in memory of the deceased humanitarian.

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