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Earth Day observed

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KARACHI: ‘On the Earth Day we should create environmental awareness among citizens all across the country and should protect and conserve its natural resources by all means.Anwar Naseem senior Director Corporate Relations World Wildlife Fund (WWF-Pakistan) said the youth of this country was very passionate about conserving natural resources and playing a significant role in afforestation. The role of government and corporate sector is also very commendable in this regard and it can be hoped in a couple of years forest cover of Pakistan will increase, he added.WWF–Pakistan observed Earth Day on Tuesday by beach cleaning and planting 400 mangrove saplings at Wetland Centre, Sandspit.More than 400 students from government schools of Karachi participated in these activities.

The event aimed at increasing awareness among students and general public about the environment safety as well as demonstrating the environmental protection measures in the country.The theme for Earth Day 2014 is ‘Green Cities’ which focuses on three key elements-renewable energy, green buildings and environment friendly transportation.Ali Hassan Habib Director General WWF-Pakistan said the abysmal deforestation rate in our country was a major cause of concern.We should commit to sustainable development and realise on the governmental level that turning our cities into concrete jungles would ultimately reduce the quality of life of people and hence should be avoided at all costs.Asad Shahbaz Khan Assistant Manager Corporate Relations of WWF-Pakistan said due to adverse climate impacts, government should revisit the current development policies and promote the concept of green cities and towns in country.Altaf Hussain Sheikh Manager Conservation Sindh WWF-Pakistan said human beings were having a negative impact on ecosystems through clearing of forests, over-hunting, disposing untreated wastage into water bodies, mismanagement and over exploitation of natural resources.

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