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Dr Qadeer hails Geo TV restoration

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LAHORE: Renowned nuclear scientist of Pakistan Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has congratulated the administration of Geo TV for restoration of its transmission and expressed good wishes.

He said when the Geo was shut down, it seemed that eyes and ears were also shut and today the people had watched their favourite and No 1 news channel, Geo.

While talking to The News Dr Qadeer said that he wanted to tell those who were creating hurdles in the supply of newspapers of the Jang Group to the public that they should learn the lesson from the closure of ARY TV and remember they would not have to wait for the same situation for a long time.

He said that the capabilities of other channels were exposed with the closure of Geo TV how much they could provide authentic news to the public which was not up to the mark. He said that he assured that the administration of Geo would chalk out solid policy and after that it would not give any such opportunity in future again.

About Mubasher Lucman, he said that journalists should kick out this non-journalist person from the lines of journalism. He said that there was no precedence how much panic and chaos he had spread that Pemra had to shut down not only his programme but also his channel for 15 days.

Dr Qadeer, while criticising other channels, said that other channels had played jealousy role for shutting Geo News down and these were all against the code of ethics. He said that it was his message for them to work hard and not to be jealous.

Our correspondent from Lahore adds: PPP central Punjab President Mian Manzoor Wattoo welcomed the restoration of Geo News.

Talking to the media, he said the PPP firmly believed in the freedom of press under Article 19 of the Constitution that enshrined the code of conduct for the media as well. Freedom of media and functioning of democracy could not be separated, he added.

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