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Dr Aamir wins applause of Geo viewers at ‘Inaam Ghar’

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KARACHI: Within a few days of its launch, Geo’s exciting family show ‘Inaam Ghar’ is being hailed as a milestone in the history of game shows aired live on the local media.

The viewers have given a positive feedback about the show hosted by Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, one of the eminent anchorpersons of the mainstream media.

Dr Aamir’s unique style has won him the applause of millions of viewers of Geo television across the world. They have expressed their appreciation by calling and sending SMS in great numbers. The participation of interesting characters from various factions of the society in the show has added to the show’s popularity.

The audience attending the show and the viewers were pleasantly awed by the participation of a 117-year-old woman, Ahmedi Bibi. She said she was witness to the incidents that took place during the Partition of India as she was 50 at that time.

Talking to Dr Aamir, she extended warm wishes to the nation. On the occasion, Dr Hussain prayed for her long life and termed it a blessing for the entire country. The host also announced to give her an ‘Umrah ticket’ as per her wishes to visit Makkah.

Sheheryar Tariq recited ‘manqabat’ (religious poetry) inaugurating the show which was followed by a moral message by Dr Hussain. He said it was not difficult to achieve success. “What is difficult is to set the right goal and go for it through dedication and hard work,” he added.

Fascinating quiz games — ‘Jhat Sawal Pat Jawab’ and ‘Tukka Lagao’ — enthralled the audience and the viewers. Equally absorbing was the light-hearted conversation of the host with children who read poems paying homage to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). The birthday of a child, Mustafa, was also celebrated.

Another segment of the show, ‘Chat Pat Chata Chat, Safa Chat Fata Fut’ enchanted all. The segment included cooking competition and the contest for quickly peeling potatoes. Surprisingly, male participants won the peeling competition while the cooking contest tied in favour of both the teams.

A blind motor mechanic, Mr. Asif, was named ‘Pakistan Ideal’ for his fortitude and determination. Despite his disability, Asif adopted the profession and is earning bread and butter for his family.

Dr Aamir said people like Asif were a national asset and inspiration for everyone. Asif said if a person was determined to earn his livelihood, no obstacle could come in his way.

Other games, like compatibility contests between couples, shooting competition, and others involving test of physical stamina aroused the interest of the viewers. Prizes were distributed among pet-owners, bikers who travel without a helmet and those wearing white and neat clothes.

As title of the programme suggests, ‘Inaam Ghar’ showered prizes on a great number of the audience. In the concluding moments of the show, valuable prizes were distributed through the lucky-draw.

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