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‘Donkey King’ full-fledged entertainment for all ages: experts

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KARACHI: The Donkey King (TDK) is a blockbuster, entertainment which is interesting to watch. It’s not easy to get too much from one movie but TDK is such a film which is entertaining that one cannot feel bored watching it. This is a fast-paced movie which consists of multiple brief scenes. It promises to be a fun film for all ages. This film is not only a treat to watch for children but also quite enjoyable for elders.

These words spoken by personalities from various walks of life. Senior Journalist and anchor Hamid Mir has said that if my mother was alive she would have been very happy to watch this film. All mothers should encourage their children to watch Donkey king. Children should know if their mothers call them a “Khota”, one day they may be become King. Hameed Haroon (CEO of Dawn Media Group) also said that Donkey King is full fledging entertainment and the animation explains a very serious topic. This film gives a lesson about democracy for young and old alike. These kinds of films are not produced in Pakistan.

Senior analyst, host and journalist Suhail Warraich called upon people to come to cinema with their children and watch this amazing animated film. He further said that content based materials should be produced. It is a content based story. Known social worker and singer Shehzad Roy said Donkey King (DK) is such wonderful film for us all not just kids. It teaches about value of becoming someone no matter what you are born in to –even if you are born a donkey you can change your world. Can’t wait to show it to the entire community of Zindagi Trust, students’, parents and teachers.

Noman Nabi CEO The Brand Partnership has said that Mangu is my favourite. He is an innocent animal of our society. He is not devious and cunning. Donkey King will open new avenues for the people. Fashion designer Nomi Ansari said that this film contains humour, entertainment and all the ingredients of a superb entertainer. To me it seems a family film. Neither I brought my kids nor they brought me here. We came as a family. Director of another Geo Film Teefa in trouble Ahsan Raheem said that till now no animated film has been this powerful, story-wise, but DK has everything, animation and story. Now film Hero Mangu (Jan Rambo) said that you grew up with the saying “My name is Rambo RamboJan Rambo” Now there is a dialogue for your children as well “My name is ManguMangu Jan Mangu, the washing machine.

Actor and host Fahad Mustafa also like DK very much said I loved it, my children loved it my entire family watched this movie and we all like very much. Pakistan was in dire need of such kind of films and entertainment. It’s amazing. Former cricketer and fast bowler Rawalpindi Express Shoib Akhter said that animation, story, voice over, production quality looks amazing and good. It is a great effort by Geo. Another cast actor of this film Mani said that the satire in the film is outstanding. This film is for all ages. A must see film for everyone. Actress Ayeza Khanmy daughter dances with the Mangu song. She came along with me to watch this film. Every character in the film was so wonderful that even after watching the film they keep coming back to our thoughts.

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