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Do TV talk shows achieve any purpose?

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Quite a lot of times, Pakistani TV talk shows discuss insignificant subjects. Do these talk shows achieve anything worthwhile? Many more burning issues such as education, health, infrastructure, low-cost housing, culture, etc. should be covered and discussed.

In Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Laos, etc., not a single talk show exists. The TV programmes there have a forward-looking and progressive approach.

In Pakistan, the road network in Sindh is in a shambles, schools are of poor standard, houses are non-existent for the poor, electricity is stolen by 40pc of the people, income tax remains unpaid by the filthy rich, black money is transported abroad, etc., all of which has brought the nation to its feet.

The population of Pakistan is growing at an incredible rate. Most of it remains uneducated which is leading to rampant crime.

These TV talk shows talk in thin air about ridiculous subjects, not about issues that need to be covered. It is time they did.