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Dishonourable karo-kari

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THIS is with reference to your report on “Seven killed for ‘honour’ in three districts” (April 3). I was speechless after reading about the young victims of the unforgiving psyche of karo-kari; almost all the seven killed were between 17 and 27 years old.

How heartless could the murderers be!

All the three districts (Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas and Larkana) where such brutal killings took place belong to Sindh province and all these districts are considered to play a crucial role in the upcoming general elections of 2013 in order to generate votes for the PPP. Furthermore, all the three districts were the leading vote bank for the PPP in the previous general elections.

It is a pity that no FIR had been lodged until the news got printed. Isn’t it enough to show the complete failure of PPP ministers in these districts?

It seems that all bills and resolutions which have been only passed in the near past and decorated with impressive ideologies are of no use at all. All the bills, which were under the discussion of the Sindh Assembly in favour of women protection or the bill against honour killings, have proved to be ineffective in the current scenario. What a useless and futile effort by our ministers!

How incompetent they proved themselves as politicians. The irony is that shamelessly the same PPP ministers are begging for votes in the coming elections.

Coming back to the dishonourable karo-kari, people of Sindh call themselves the sons of ‘Mother Sindh’, but how absurd to see proud sons kill the daughters of Mother Sindh.

I don’t blame all the sons of Mother Sindh but what is the point of argument if the young daughters of Mother Sindh are being slaughtered “honourably”?

Who will educate the uneducated people of Mother Sindh? Surely, if educated people of Sindh don’t come forward to play their role in society, then the so-called honourable or rather the dishonourable killings will continue unabatedly.

Lastly, I would like to request the Human Rights of Pakistan and the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of such merciless killings in the name of karo-kari.



Source: Dawn

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