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Discriminatory attitude of media

Sir: Syed Zafar Ali Shah, an MNA hailing from Sindh, has stated that the media raised a tantrum about the brutality of the Rangers in Sindh but, regrettably, did not budge against the killing of three people in interior Sindh.

According to the press reports dating back to April 21, 2011, Serai Qurban Khuhawar, Rooplo Cholyani and Nooruddin Tunio were first beaten up and then dumped inside their car, which was set ablaze by some unidentified people.

Our media failed to give it proper coverage. If the victims had violated any law, then they should have been tried in a court of law. Taking the law into one’s own hands is no solution.

By not highlighting such terrible killings, I ask our ‘independent’ media whether or not this qualifies as discrimination between rural and urban Sindh?

Source: Daily Times