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Discovering Waheed Murad’s inspirations

KARACHI: Iconic actor Waheed Murad was paid tribute to by students of Karachi’s Greenwich University at an event that explored the depth and philosophical thinking behind his productions.

Khurrum Ali Shafiq led the interactive multimedia presentation titled “Inside the Mind of Waheed Murad — Mystery Revealed”.

Waheed Murad took the film industry by storm and was dubbed the ‘Chocolate Hero’. His acting skills and charisma made him one of the most popular actors of the 1960s and 1970s. The star acted in 114 Urdu films, eight Punjabi films and two Pashto films.

Khurrum Ali Shafiq explains that his interest in Waheed Murad revealed a new side to the icon’s perspective on filmmaking.

While explaining Murad’s life, Shafiq said, “Waheed Murad’s father was in the film distribution business. Murad had a degree in English Literature from Karachi University, and from the facts I gathered he found true inspiration in the work of Ulysses by James Joyce. So much so that when he directed Ishara, which was released in 1969, he made sure it was based on the same symbolism and unity of imagination that was once given to the audience by Joyce’s novel.”

“Waheed Murad was more than just a reader; he was a guide through great literary work trying to bring more than just a cinematic experience to screen and audiences alike,” said Shafiq.

In terms of symbolism, Shafiq said, “Like Iqbal who symbolised his son Javed in Javednama. Waheed Murad symbolised his daughter Aliya in the movie Ishara, to an extent that the female lead of the movie was even named Aliya. The release of the film coincides with the year (1969) his daughter Aliya was born.”

Shafiq shared a few clips from the movie for the audience to appreciate what an intriguing director Waheed Murad actually was.

Salma Murad, the star’s widow told The Express Tribune, “It is so hard to believe that it has been so many years since his death and still Waheed lives on in the heart and mind of many of his fans. I have only seen his fan following increase day by day. We thank God for bestowing him with such popularity, even when he isn’t alive. I would like to thank Khurrum Ali Shafiq for doing such extensive research on him, for telling everyone what exactly went on in Waheed’s mind. Waheed had a focus, a primary concern to change the way people think for the better; to open up the hearts and minds of our nation.”

The proceeds of the tribute will be donated to the flood victims and it was announced that part of it would be given to the legendary comedian Lehri, who is currently facing financial hardships and was a good friend of Murad’s.
Source: The Express Tribune