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Digital media and its impacts

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Sir: The media is a source of entertainment, news, sports and education. Whatever media portrays, affects and changes lives. Digital media affects human perception, understanding, feelings and cultural values. Everyone can easily access the media these days. It is true that media plays a powerful role in society and has changed it beyond the reach of controllable factors. It provides information about global happenings. Digital media brings social, psychological and philosophical change in society. The digital media affects Pakistani culture in both positive and negative ways. In a positive perspective, homes have become electronic cottages. Digital media can be a real solution to fighting the problem of youth unemployment. It has brought flexibility in the lives of people at their workplaces. By means of digital media people get freedom of expression. The new media is specialised and aims at small, special interest, regional or even local markets. It brings new problems and challenges as well as opportunities.

In a negative way, the digital media creates confusion and frustration among the masses by overflow of information even though people try to convince themselves and others that the media does not influence them. So much information and easy communication is making the world more critical and cynical than ever before. Digital media increases the means for communication while driving the individuals towards greater isolation by its impersonal nature. Both positive and negative effects should be analysed and caution should be exercised when coming under the influence of all information available out there which may or may not be authentic or true.


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