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Digital marketing becomes dynamic process

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LAHORE: Digital media has changed the world in the last few years, as digital marketing has become a dynamic process and it will continue to evolve and create lasting impact on the lives, speakers said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the sixth session on Digital Media Marketing, which was held as part of the 2nd day proceedings of International Marketing Congress, Salim Ghauri, CEO of NetSol, said the world has changed very much due to revolution of digital media and it is a clear message to everyone that adopts this change or goes away and vanished.

“The world has literally changed due to digital media, as we have seen that earlier political parties worked hard to reach masses through conventional ways, while now with digital marketing, parties are able to attract masses in a very short span of time,” he said.

He said that digital media marketing have extended reach up to the people. He especially mentioned the experience of Geo Dost, saying now every person is able to share his experience of life through various tools with ease and full liberty.

Umar Saif, chairman of the Punjab IT Board, shared four different examples of using information technology for extending reach or connecting people.

He said citizen journalist website was proved a success story during the Musharraf era when judicial movement was at its peak. This website proved a success in making impression at grassroots level. The digital media revolution helped make this concept a reality and this trend led to a systematic way in news and image gathering process, he said.

He said that the idea of Geo Dost was later adopted at the same pattern and now such activity is very much popular among the people.

He also shared the launching f a SMS proposal that connected people free of charge. This experience also proved to be a success, as it managed to link interest groups with great ease and convenience. Similarly, a phone service and citizens feedback model using digital tools are also proved trend setters, he said, adding that such initiatives not only proved to connect people but also brought transparency.

Khuram Rahat, managing director of Teradata Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, while speaking on the topic of “Digital messaging-the changing paradigm of marketing” said, “Marketing is an art of presenting a key message of things that otherwise we take in a different manner in our routine life.”

He said digital marketing through cinema, TV and radio was always there but with the advent of internet, the whole scenario has changed dramatically. He termed the internet as an opportunity, as well as a challenge for marketers.

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