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Dialogue opens at Canvas

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KARACHI: In terms of interesting discussions, there’s nothing more absorbing than a father’s conversation with his young son or daughter. The reason for this is that while the former tries to bring his structural semantics to the level of the former without losing out on sincerity, the former keeps things innocently simple and pure. Imagine if that conversation takes place on a canvas. It is more than likely that the result will be a fascinating one. This can be verified at an exhibition of the latest series of artworks by artist Ali Azmat titled ‘Dialogue’ that began at the Canvas Art Gallery on Tuesday.

When Ali Azmat makes faces and postures he turns his subject into a cerebral and aesthetic study. It is a world of a particular economic background that blends with the protagonist’s sociological upbringing to create an image. These images play an important role in the artist’s intellectual growth. He has done more or less the same in the ongoing show comprising 21 acrylic-on-canvas exhibits, with the difference that this time around his four-year-old daughter, Ada, has also collaborated with him on the artworks. Consequently, what the viewer sees is two important phases in Ali Azmat’s artistic life. One, the known adult phase; second, that part of his life which his admirers are hitherto unaware of. He has gone back to his childhood, and the good thing about it is that he doesn’t know that. He thinks, according to his statement, he has co-worked with his daughter.

Ali Azmat calls the experience a ‘learning curve’ and feels he’s discovered a new ‘language’. This is true. Also true is the fact that his striking examination of faces and postures gets a new dimension. The child art, if you label it thus, that accompanies and sometimes merges with his protagonists takes the artworks to a level where their study becomes a lot more understandable than before. No, it doesn’t take away the inherent aesthetics involved in Ali Azmat’s efforts, rather adds to them. To further elaborate on the artworks would tantamount to diluting their tremendous effect. Worth seeing!

The exhibition will continue till Feb 13.


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