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Deceased journalists paid glowing tributes

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LAHORE: A working journalist remains alive through is work even after his death. Fellow journalists should commemorate their departed fellows to celebrate their achievements, said speakers at a condolence reference in memory of departed journalists at Government College University (GCU) on Tuesday.

Education Reporters Association (ERA) organized the reference in collaboration with GCU to pay glowing tributes to the services of late journalists including Asad Sahi, Hamid Javed, Usman Malik and Moin Ahmad. Speakers at the reference commemorated their departed fellows and stressed the need of rationalize the working hours of the journalists. They said working conditions and working hours of the journalists were so stressful that they were resulting quite often in untimely deaths.

“This is a dilemma that young men like Asad Sahi, Moin and Usman are dying. We should think why they are dying so young. This is because there is an immense work-pressure and load on them. The owners should also think about facilitating their workers which will certainly increase the work quality,” said senior journalist Amjad Warraich. “There is a war going on in media channels for breaking the news first and run tickers. The reporters in electronic media remain occupied and in stress 24 hours. They are reporters even when they are off duty. We have started several projects including health insurance and life insurance for members of Press Club from the platform of Lahore Press Club but the news organizations should also think about it,” said LPC President Arshad Ansari.

Daily Express Chief Reporter Chaudhry Khalid Qayyum said Asad Sahi was a very hard working journalist who worked with the pace of television even when TV channels were not launched. He said for a reporter the greatest assets were his sources and Asad Sahi had very effective sources. He appreciated ERA and GCU for organizing a reference to commemorate departed journalist fellows.

Journalist Kazim Khan said Asad Sahi was very supportive of the young reporters and helped them learning new things. Muddasir Iqbal Butt said it was commendable that ERA had organized a reference to commemorate senior journalists who were not among us but lived in our memories and hearts. Hasnain Sahi, father of late Asad Sahi, and Aoun Sahi, brother of Asad Sahi, thanked the participants for organizing the reference.

GCU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khaleequr Rehman said often people complained about the negativity of media but he was very happy to see that how these young reporters were commemorating their senior fellows. Pakistan Traders Association President Khalid Pervez, Assignment Editor City 42 Asaf Jafri, senior journalist Fakhrul Islam, Amjad Lodhi and others attended the seminar.

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