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Dazzling display of Farooqui’s bold colours

LAHORE: Salman Farooqui is known as a painter of bold and dazzling colours.

“I paint so that people can enjoy and feel relived after seeing my paintings,” Mr Farooqui told Dawn at the inauguration of his eighth solo exhibition at the Ejaz Art Gallery, MM Alam Road, on Friday.

He focuses the element of enjoyment in his work for the reason that “we all are weary of terrorism news and all that stuff being reported by the media”.

Why is he fond of dazzling colours?

“This is due to the fact that I am too emotional person,” he said explaining his work. College of Art and Design of the University of Punjab Principal Maliha Azmi Agha opened the exhibition which was also attended by many artists, students, art collectors, socialites and art teachers.

To many artists, who came to see the exhibition, Mr Farooqui was an expert hand on playing with colours.

Prof Asad Faruki said: “Farooqui comes up with a very simplified work with vibrant colours. Painting in this style is this hallmark.”

Munawar Muhayyudin, a calligraphy artist, said Farooqui had played well with colours.

With recorded sitar being played in the background at the gallery, the paintings wearing intense colours such as blues, reds, yellows and oranges exuded vibrant feelings.

Mr Farooqui creates magical effects with paints and turns his surroundings into tools, to alter the world on his canvases. His imagination is capable of influencing the viewers to accept or reject his perceptions.

He started his career in early 90s and belongs to the cubism school of thought. His subjects include buildings, landscapes and mosques, with distortion of lines. The artist has studied Fine Arts from Karachi School of Art. The exhibition will remain on till April 10.