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Daesh has ‘excellent’ cyber network, says former FIA official

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Underlining the need for cyber security, former additional Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Ammar Jaffri said criminals of today have complete understanding of internet and related technology, adding that the banned outfit, Daesh, has excellent cyber network such as speed, security and global linkages.

Addressing a seminar on “cyber Security and Emerging Threats,” organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute Monday, Jaffri who is also Chairman Cyber Security Task Force Senate Defence Committee, said internet has created shared linkages between economic growth and security which employs that sustainable development depends on secure internet.

He said next wars will not be physical; they would be fought out by destroying infrastructure, which is evident from the examples of Georgia and Ukraine. Since the spread of technology is global in nature, the true secure environment cannot be built without international cooperation, he added.

He said critical infrastructure protection is vital need for national security. Our legacy industrial control systems were not designed with security in mind. Global co-ordination of terrorists – their presence is everywhere, said Jaffri, adding that internet by default is Global and we cannot survive in isolation.

There is a need for global cooperation to combat cyber terrorism due to global presence of terrorists & criminals in cyber space and we need to have Global legal Infrastructure in place (Under Interpol). Countries with cyber knowledge should come forward to help others as interdependence on other nations is increasing. Cyber attacks appear a good way to gain tactical advantage during the opening moments of any conflict, said Jaffri, adding that attacks are so diverse that it is hard to predict what the next attack will look like or where it will occur.

He said that government organisations alone can not handle the cyber crisis and public private partnerships are the key in this regard. There is a dire need of capacity building of law enforcement organisations and layered co-ordinated functionality of Forensic labs in versatile areas of investigations, capacity building of legal community and availability of relevant laws.

He said that there is need to immediately raise a professional team of cyber warriors…having required skill sets, domain knowledge and global linkages to face any possible cyber warfare. Jaffri said that by 2025 there would be 8 billion on line users and the world would be ‘Hot Spot’, computers would be 64 times faster while Big Data in 2025 would be like ‘Oil’.

He said, all seventeen ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ -SDGs- depend on the success of secure ICTs. Talking on ‘Vision 2015,’ he said it would be very difficult for Pakistan to enter into development era without development in ICTs. Deputy Director FIA Syed Aun Abbass Bukhari explained that cyber security is a joint responsibility of government and public. FIA is at par with international organisations, especially in forensic testing, but it is difficult to move forward quickly in the absence of an international agreement. The National Response Center for Cyber Crimes is a major stakeholder in framing the draft cyber law, which has been tabled in the parliament for its passage. The enactment of law will give support to the law enforcing agencies in this regard.

Director Cyber Wing, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said awareness is real requirement of the time. The government is trying to protect tangible assets of the people. The required legal infrastructure is missing, so the environment will considerably improve with the passage of the law. Chairman, PTA explained that everyone wants to be secure in real and cyber life. The positive use of ICTs should not be stopped just because of the danger, as it will hinder all development.

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