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Cultural exchange scholarship

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CULTURAL exchange scholarship, taken care of by the Ministry of Inter- Provincial Coordination in Pakistan, has come a long way in achieving its objectives of empowering nations with higher academia. Indeed this scholarship is promoting mutual relations among nations, coexistence, and economic and human resource development.

Previously, the ministry used to fund $400 a month, with airfare, and expenses incurred abroad during studies would be financed by the host country. The stipend by the ministry was specifically meant for the scholar’s family when she/he is studying abroad, and covering the expenses being incurred in Pakistan. This time around, the ministry has backed out of its contribution, and thus the scholar would be getting funding only from the foreign country, covering living allowance and educational dues.

The ministry has asked the selected scholars to sign a bond, getting surety that the scholar would return and serve Pakistan for at least 5 years. In fact, ethically speaking, the scholar must return to his country regardless of any declaration. You wonder if the ministry is not spending even a Rupee on scholars, then why is it getting the bond signed!

If there was any shortage of finances, the ministry should have cut the stipend of $400, instead of omitting it altogether. The government should reconsider the problem and restore the facility.



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