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CPNE deplores ban on ads for Dawn

Syed Faseih lqbal, and General Secretary Wamiq A Zuberi, and directed the exercise of maximum caution in the dialogue with the Federal Government on the subject of press freedom and other matters relating to the print media and of primary concern to the CPNE.

The meeting, by another resolution, strongly condemned the arbitrary and uncalled for derogatory measure of stopping government advertisement at the Federal level for Dawn newspaper. It declared that the CPNE has always stood against the exercise of any form of pressure on newspapers and specially against the use of advertising as a lever against newspapers. The meeting declared that the CPNE has always stood for freedom of the press and rejected all attempts at pressuring the newspapers to seek changes in their editorial policies.

The members of the Standing Committee expressed their opinion very strongly against the draconian Federal Government measure in cutting off the advertising of the Dawn newspaper. It reminded the Government that such measure have failed in the past and would also fail now because of greater unity and common stand among the print media representative bodies including the CPNE and the APNS.

The meeting also considered the request from the family of the Daily Express Editor Sohail Qalandar in Peshawar, who is missing for several days. The meeting, expressing sympathy with the deeply disturbed family, called upon the concerned authorities to reinforce their efforts for the safe recovery of the missing newspaper editor.

The meeting extended congratulations to Waqar Yousuf Azeerni, Editor of Monthly Roohani Digest, on having received the degree of Doctorate in Islamic Studies from the University of Karachi. The meeting strongly condemned the murder of journalist Makhdoom Rafiq of Khairpur and called upon the authorities to arrest the perpetrators of this deplorable crime and give them exemplary punishment.

The meeting offered ‘Fateha’ for the late Jamil-ur-Rehman of Daily Meezan, Quetta, prominent Sindhi literary figure Anwar Peerzado, Kazi Umeruddin Sirhindi, uncle of Jamil Athar (Member CPNE Standing Committee), late Zafar Kazmi and Shafaat Ahmed. brother of CPNE Office Secretary Muhammad Ahmed Shahzad.

Those who attended and participated in the meeting were Syed Faseih lqbal, President of CPNE (The Balochistan Times), Dr Jabbar Khattak (Sr. Vice President) Daily Awami Awaz, Javed Meher Shamsi, (Vice President Sindh) Daily Kaleem, Waseem Ahmed (V. President Balochistan) Daily Awam, Wamiq Zuberi (Secretary General) Daily Business Recorder, Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi (Finance Secretary) Monthly Naye Uffaq, Faisal Zahid Malik (Daily Pakistan Observer), Anwer Farooqi (Daily Aghaz), Rahmat Ali Razi (Weekly Azm), Naji-nuddin Shaikh (Daily Deyanat), Tahir Najmi (Daily Express), Kazi Asad Abid (Fortnightly lbrat Magazine), Khalil-ur-Rehman (Daily Islam), Muhammad Aslam Kazi (Daily Kawish), Aamir Mehmood (Monthly Kiran Digest), lnqillab Matri (Daily Millat), Saeed Khawar Daily Nawa-e-Waqt), Waqar Yousuf Azeemi (Montly Roohani Digest), Khushnooed Ali Khan (Daily Sahafat), Jameel Ather (Daily Tijarat), Naseer Hashmi (Daily Ummat) and Mahmood-ul-Aziz (UPP)
Source: Business Recorder