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Condolence reference held for M.A Majid

KARACHI: The Dawn Unit of Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) held a condolence reference for veteran journalist late M.A Majid for his services to journalism, the trade union movement and his fight for the cause of the downtrodden.

Those who spoke included senior journalists Mohammad Ali Siddiqui, Zubaida Mustafa, Jawaid Bokhari, Habib Khan Ghori, Asim Ghani, Ayesha Azfar, PHWU General Secretary Shafiuddin Ashraf, KUJ Dawn Unit Chief Zaheer Ahmed Khan and Shahzad Majid, Ravina Majid, the son and daughter of the late M.A Majid.

The speakers recalled M.A Majid’s six decades association with Overseas Weekly and the Dawn, along with his love for editing and his role in the trade union.

Mohammad Ali Siddiqui spoke about his contribution to Dawn and recalled that he preferred work over his health and missed appointments with doctors because of his commitment to work.

Zubeida Mustafa recalled the days when M.A Majid used to look after the Dawn Overseas Weekly and his entry in Dawn, under the leadership of the late Ahmed Ali Khan, where he was a source of inspiration to his editorial team.

Jawaid Bokhari and Habib Khan Ghori praised his services for the paper as well as for the trade unions.

A citation read on the occasion for late M.A Majid was as follows: “M.A Majid could rightly be called the backbone of Dawn. It was his enormous support to Ahmed Ali Khan that helped lift Dawn to its zenith. He was a humble man. Many eulogises written on his death were mostly titled “unnamed soldier” and “unsung hero.”

“We think those would quite truly define Mr Majid’s personality. He was seen working from early morning till late in the evening. His only aim being to bring out the best in Dawn … without ambition. He did not crave for name or reward. His editorial team would vouch for it that Mr Majid would not accept the second best. It may be correct to say that if anyone had a hand in lifting Dawn to the top among English newspapers, he has an overwhelming contribution. His forceful yet fair editorials were widely read and the authorities were forced to rectify the errors or improving their performances where the Dawn editorials recommended.

“A true, intelligent, honest and frank person, M.A Majid was a shining example for those who entered the noble profession of media in days when it was seriously taken as a fifth pillar of the state.

“He also provided priceless guidance for Apnec, the PFUJ, the Dawn Unit of Karachi Union of Journalists and the Dawn Union at times when it was most needed.”

Fateha was also offered for the departed soul, and participants prayed to Almighty Allah to rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant courage and fortitude to members of the bereaved family.


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