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Computer education made compulsory

KARACHI – The Sindh education department has amended the draft partnership agreement between public and private sector regarding development of computer facilities in educational institutions, curtailing the security deposit from Rs 25,000 to Rs 10,000 and softening other terms and conditions.

It has also made computer education compulsory for students of class IX, X, XI and, XII. However all heads of public sector educational institutions have been directed to utilize the available funds or seek loans for introducing computer technology in their institutions instead of directly inviting the private sector.

Specific instructions have been issued to the heads of institutions in which it has been stressed that adequate efforts be made by utilizing the available resources, alternatively by securing loan, and if it was not possible, only then by the private sector be invited for participation in developing computer facilities on a partnership basis on prescribed terms and conditions.

The government has decided that every student of class IX, X, XI, XII should learn the information technology to evolve a system of education that can provide a basis for a sustained economic growth. The government wants private sector to share responsibilities however, it also intends to provide an opportunity to the public sector institutions to work independently utilizing the available funds, sources said

Certain clauses including those, which empowered the district officers education concerned to cancel the permission or agreement any time and other one that allowed a student to abandon or terminate his admission at any time, have been withdrawn from the draft agreement.

Amending another clause, computer training has been made compulsory for all the students. Previously, it was declared a voluntary process, baring private agency or head of institution to compel the student for seeking admission in computer classes. The schedule of fee will not be more than Rs.75 per student per month for students of IX and X and Rs 100 for students of XI and XII classes, commercial and vocational institutions per month.

The agency will arrange their own computers, instructors and other required material, pay electricity and other utility bills and will not discontinue computer classes during vacations in June, July and December if they charge the fee for that period. The agency will be bound to impart computer training with at least 10 computer sets of latest Pentium-II and teach latest courses in consultations with head of institution as suggested by District Officer Technical Education

The deserving students will be entitled to fee concession subject to the recommendations by head of the institution.

The District Officer Education concerned, his representative or officials of the Sindh Board of Technical Education will have the right to check the efficiency of students and quality of training.

The admissions will be restricted to the students of concerned institution and outsiders in no case would be allowed. If a student fails to achieve the desired results in the final examination, he will not be allowed to continue the same training.

Source: Dawn