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Commission on Frontier Post issue welcomed

PESHAWAR- Journalists have expressed satisfaction over the constitution of a Judicial Commission that would probe the publishing of the blasphemous letter.

During a joint press conference, President Khyber Union of Journalists (Kh.UJ) Fakhar Alam and President Peshawar Press Club (PPC) Sohail Qalandar said that publication of the letter had not only injured sentiments of Muslims but it had created problems for innocent journalists.

Expressing concern over registration of cases against innocent journalists, the presidents of Kh.UJ and PPC said that it was not in accordance with Islami injunctions.

They diverted attention towards contribution of the journalists from all over the country to Tehrik Khatam-i-Nabowat. Likewise, the journalists had always pin-pointed those who had either wrote some thing against Islam or had indulged in acts of blasphemy any where in the world.

Expressing pleasure over the positive role, being demonstrated by a number of leading religious forces including both the factions of Jamiatul Ulema Islam, Jamiatul Ulema Pakistan, Sepah Sahaba, Ahle Hadith, Ittehadul Ulema Sarhad, Idara Tableegh Islam, Mutaemir Alam-i-lslam etc. These leaders had not only withdrawn their call strike but even now they were supporting them in their demand for early release of the innocent journalists. They also expressed satisfaction over the constitution of the judicial commission by the NWFP governor.

In response to a query, the journalists’ representatives said, “we believe that the Director Information had failed to guide the government on this matter. Being a Director Information, he should have guided the government about the role of newspaper employees and journalists in a proper way”. They remarked and reminded that even before filing of the First Information Report (FIR), a delegation of local journalists met with him and briefed him about the situation. They asked the government to take an early notice of concerned officers failure.

The journalist leaders while expressing satisfaction over the constitution of the judicial commission, also diverted attention towards unrest amongst members from hundreds of families who were associated with the concerned English daily.
Source: The Nation