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Colleagues’ tribute to Murtaza Razvi

THIS is regarding the article, “Colleagues’ tribute to Murtaza Razvi” (April 20). Many thanks for the very touching and very personal tribute to Murtaza Razvi representing the feelings of all Dawn colleagues.

The last few days have been very difficult since hearing of his death. I received the news of this tragedy from a former colleague in Dawn’s Karachi office on Thursday just before 7 am (Toronto time). I hoped and prayed that perhaps there had been a mistake, a case of mistaken identity and that he would be found to be okay after all. But with each passing hour, and each communication I received that turned out not to be the case.

The brave writer and our dear friend Murtaza was no more. I cannot even begin to imagine what his wife, Shahrezad and their daughters must be going through. What a very terrible and tragic end for such a learned man who was so close to us all.
And now as I read the details of the Bhoja Air tragedy, I can only wonder why such terrible incidents are befalling our nation. These are the times when those of us who have left Pakistan to live elsewhere are caught up a web of emotions:

helpless that we are so far away to offer any solace, aggrieved that we cannot give any practical help, angry at the worsening state of affairs in Pakistan, but perhaps most of all guilty that we have run away leaving others, like Murtaza, alone to fight.

Smiling and cool

PAKISTAN has lost a great son and the media fraternity has been deprived of an outstanding journalist. All superlatives come to mind when I think of Murtaza Razvi. He was always smiling and cool, had a clear analytical mind and was a professional of the highest standard. Very few can match his integrity, honesty, courage and passion for Pakistan. We have lost a great friend and a role model.

I pray that Shahrezad and the girls, of whom he was so proud, will find comfort in the prayers of their friends and the wonderful memories left by him, which will always be cherished.

Talaat Tyabji
Former Consultant, Marketing and Public Affairs

A talented person

I AM a veteran reader of Dawn and also do a bit of writing to it and other sister publications of Karachi. Thus I have a nodding acquaintance with a few journalists working in Dawn, who in spite of their being very hard up of time, spare a few minutes whenever I drop in their office. My attachment to Dawn has now touched more or less to addiction.

The news of the cruel end of your staffer, Murtaza Razvi, is really shocking and appalling, not only to his family, friends and colleagues but also to readers of your daily.

It is very tragic that a journalist has been done away with, when his types are needed most. Undoubtedly, Dawn is deprived of a very talented person with so many qualities of head and heart and erudition.

He enriched Dawn with his professional skills and drive that is almost hard to forget.

May God rest his soul in eternal peace, give fortitude to the family, friends and colleagues to bear this irreparable loss with fortitude, and the killers are brought to book for human solace. Ameen.