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CM orders withdrawal of cases against ulema

* Shahbaz meets with mashaikh, lauds them for ‘upholding truth’ under Musharraf’s rule

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Sunday instructed the provincial administration to check provocative wall chalking and withdraw all cases registered in former president Gen (r) Pervaiz Musharraf era for protesting against blasphemy.

He made these comments while addressing a gathering of mashaikh at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

The Punjab CM said the ulema and mashaikh, who faced oppression and torture during the Musharraf dictatorship for upholding truth deserved credit, and their services would be written in golden letters in nation’s history.

He said the serious challenge of terrorism being faced by the country was the outcome of the eight-year dictatorial role during which the dictator had remained engaged in compromising national interests at the international level.

He said that ulema should point out the weaknesses of the government but it was also their duty to identify elements behind bloodbaths in the country and those hatching conspiracies against Pakistan. He said that ulema and mashaikh should come forward and play their role of guiding people in the right direction.

He said ulema and mashaikh were the benefactors of the nation and their descendents also deserve respect and veneration, as they are the custodian of the dargahs and astanas. He added that ulema and mashaikh, as well as all segments of society would have to play a role to root-out terrorism from the country.

“The Punjab government is fully aware of its responsibility to eliminate terrorism, and to protect shrines of the saints,” Shahbaz said.

“Besides increasing security at shrines, close circuit TV system is also being improved,” he added.

He said the government was taking all necessary measures for the protection of shrines and would succeed in its efforts with the cooperation of the ulema.

The CM said he had been an eyewitness to the brutality of terrorists at the shrines of Data Ganj Bakhsh and Baba Farid Gung Shakkar.

“These incidents of terrorism have caused grief and anguish to million of devotees of the saints in the country and abroad,” he added. “These murderers of humanity would be punished in this world and hereafter”. Shahbaz said the Punjab government had evolved a comprehensive system for safeguarding shrines. He said that it was an honour for him to host the mashaikh. He said that ulema and mashaikh had played an exemplary role in the Pakistan Movement without which Pakistan perhaps would not have come into existence.

He said mashaikh had issued decrees in favour of Pakistan Movement and also extended all-out support to Quaid-e-Azam.

The mashaikh, while expressing their views, paid tribute to the chief minister for his services to flood victims and vowed support in the war against terrorism.
Source: Daily Times