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Civil activists raise their voice for a better society

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KARACHI: Civil society cannot work alone; it needs the support of the government, said Rabia of Oxfam International. “We are not claiming that we have brought any change, but we want to work towards making a better society.”

She asked the government officials to extend their cooperation to work together for the rights of citizens. She was speaking at the ‘International Commitments and State Obligations for Citizens Rights’, organised by Strengthening Participatory Organisation (SPO) at the Regent Plaza Hotel on Tuesday

Public awareness: Campaign on human rights in the offing

Raheema Panhwar, SPO programme specialist, said that SPO is working on 11 areas, including human rights, minority affairs, environment, cultural diversity, education, health, right to employment, gender equality and policy level issues, keeping in mind international conventions and what Pakistan government is contributing.

“Women workers are not being respected at their workplaces, especially those working in government offices,” she said. “In fact, some of the women do not even have proper chairs in their offices.”

She pointed out that Pakistan has also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Labour Organisation to work on issues such as abolition of bonded labour and child labour and the protection of female workers.

Rural poverty: Experts urge measures to end malnutrition

Wahid Sangrasi of SPO shared the recommendations that his organisation has compiled through different meetings and seminars. He said that his organisation has been working with 16 political parties in Sindh since the past few years. He claimed that SPO recently took an initiative to ensure the security of 2,000 workers in Mirpurkhas and Dadu.

The meeting was attended by officials of various government departments, including the social welfare department, labour department, planning and development department, provincial ombudsman, women development department, reforms support unit, cultural and tourism department, education, local government, health department and human rights.

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