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City govt wants traffic police control

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The federal government had established the National Road Safety Secretariat under the Ministry of Communication to control the increasing number of road accidents and enhance the importance of Road Safety Programme. He cited the presence of pushcarts and other vendors on roads, boarding of passengers on buses in the middle of roads and violation of traffic rules and others as big problems, which caused traffic congestion.

“It is the responsibility of traffic police to tackle these issues and these can only be solved when traffic engineering department and traffic police work under one authority,” he added.
He said the city government was constructing bridges, underpasses, widening roads and improving roundabouts to reduce traffic problems and the newly-constructed signal-free corridor would also help maintain smooth flow of traffic.
The government would also construct seven overhead pedestrian bridges on the single-free corridor, he said adding that improvement in the traffic police is the need of the hour.
The Executive Director of Road Safety Secretariat endorsed the nazim’s suggestions. He also agreed that traffic management and engineering department should work under the same authority. He said the secretariat in collaboration with district governments would hold workshops and seminars on the eve of Universal Road Safety Programme Day to create awareness among the masses.

Source: Dawn