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Christina Lamb deported again

ISLAMABAD- British journalist Christina Lamb was detained at the Islamabad airport for six hours and once again deported from Pakistan on a flight to Dubai. Immigration officials posted at the Islamabad international airport said that she was not allowed by the Government of Pakistan to enter Pakistan and was made to leave on Dubai bound flight No. Pk-223 at around 9:30 pm.

According to available information, Christina Lamb along with other 36 foreign journalists had chartered a United Nation (UN) plane from Afghanistan after covering the event of installation of new government in Kabul.

Officials said that chartered plane had landed at the Islamabad airport around 2:30 pm. Except Lamb, all the other 35 journalists were allowed to enter. But, she was asked to stay at the airport and despite some serious arguments that took place between Ms. Lamb and immigration officials, she was not permitted to enter the lounge.

It may be recalled that Ms. Lamb was debarred from asked to leave Pakistan a couple of months ago after she had allegedly tried to obtain fake air ticket in the name of Osama Bin Laden from Quetta to Islamabad. She had denied the charge.

Source: The News