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Chand Tara Orchestra knock it out of the park with ‘Rung De’

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2018 is ending and with each passing week, something momentous is happening musically. Junoon is reuniting for the first time in over a decade later this month and many music fans seem excited about it. But, while that reunion takes place in the form of a gig on December 25 after the music video of ‘Khudi’, there is a lot more music to keep us occupied.

One case in point is the super-group, Chand Tara Orchestra (CTO). Featuring Omran Shafique, Babar Sheikh, Sherry Raza, Rizwanullah Khan and Aziz Kazi (on drums), ‘Rung De’ is a genre-bending song that shows the artistic, collective capability of this great band. There is folk, grunge, post-rock, alternative elements so they can’t be pigeonholed into one box. Aesthetically, this performance-based video that also captures the band sitting together and having tea and laughing is easily one of the best videos to release this year.

Having given us ‘Nami Danam’ on Coke Studio 11 as well as an unplugged version of the same song this year and before that, songs like ‘Khak Nasheen’ and ‘Makki Madni’, this super-group has the potential to give us an outstanding record. While the video and single for ‘Rung De’ gains traction, CTO is keeping up its promise and working on their debut album that will contain eight tracks and is scheduled to release this month.

As for the material, Sherry Raza sings ‘Rung De’ with heart and skill; it is a kalaam by Amir Khusro. According to Babar Sheikh, who told Instep in an earlier conversation, “It is a homage of devotion and love to his master, the patron Sufi saint, Nizamuddin Auliya.”

The simplicity and complexity of this song in equal tones as well as the coming together of these incredible musicians, Sufi texts from centuries ago, is what makes CTO such an appealing music outfit. It isn’t about structure or one style but whether the song sounds good to your ears and in this band’s case, it does.

The upcoming album features a slew of artists including drummer Sikandar Mufti, Gumby as well as tabla nawaz Ashiq Ali – who is featured on a song called ‘Ishq Kamal’. CTO is working non-stop to bring their forthcoming album to life this month as Babar Sheikh confirmed to Instep in a telephonic conversation. This record will be one for the history books and yet another sign that records are coming out.

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