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Celebrities take on Coke Studio’s Ko Ko Korina

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LAHORE-Shireen Mazari’s comments on Ko Ko Korina sung by Ahad Raza Mir and Momina Mustehsan at Coke Studio’s Season 11 has stirred up a storm on social media.

The Afreen Afreen vocalist entangled in a Twitter spat with the Human Rights Minister that has been making headlines. Pakistan People’s Party leader Sherry Rehman also mirrored Shireen Mazari’s thought which makes the matter more intense.

Sharing her views on Twitter, Senator Sherry Rehman said: “I like the Leo Twins version of Ko Ko Korina much better than the flat version put out by Coke Studio . No harm in stating music likes and dislikes. And no need to make such choices the subject of convoluted debate.”

Many celebrities have also spoken on this matter. Here is what they expressed.

Talking to The Nation, actor Ahmed Ali Butt said: “My opinion is not about the performers themselves because one is an actor. Coke Studio used to be about musicians, singers even legends coming together and performing under one platform. But later on it all became on commercialism, numbers and reach. I don’t blame Ahad because I think he is a talented champ and has a good career in acting.”

Ahmed continued: “I am sure the producers must have said Ohh Ahad is so popular why we don’t ask him to sing for us. Coke Studio has lost the touch for past three years. Even Luddi Hai Jamalo was a disaster, it was two singers who can’t do justice to Madam Noor Jahan’s song even though they were good singers but to ask them to perform on Noor Jahan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan songs is asking for trouble. I think the criticism should be only limited to the song nothing else.”

Singer Ali Sethi said: “Nowadays, all the discussion around music in Pakistan is sensational. People either love something or they hate it. There is no critical analysis of why a particular song succeeds, or why it fails. I wish we could have those literate discussions – as we used to in the heyday of PTV and Radio Pakistan – so that both the creation and consumption of music can be improved.”

Rapper Ali Gur Pir said: “When the singer’s only skill is being beautiful or being famous and then you give them a classic to copy, I mean cover. It is a recipe of disaster. They should have known better. They should have given this song to some accomplished musician and encourage newbie’s to make original songs.”

Singer Wajhiuddin said: “The producers of Coke Studio tried to do something new with the song but couldn’t pull it off. Actors should concentrate on acting rather than singing.”

“Being a fan of the original, I personally didn’t enjoy this cover,” says actress Rabab Hashim.

Actress Sajal Aly has also taken Instagram to give her stance on the matter and wrote: “Itni naftat le kar kahan jaogay? (Where will you go will all this hate). Three days and counting it’s still about Ko Ko Korina. Love or hate it, your call but you don’t have to go town insulting someone’s effort. It’s only a song. Sing along or change the channel. We, as a country, have far more important issues to debate.”

Supermodel Vaneeza Ahmed Ali said: “We as a Nation have destroyed the values that this country was once known for. The people of our country have come up with such hatred and shows how they are surrounded by negative energy. Coke Studio cannot be judged by just this one song. Nor can this one song be used as the basis to judge Ahad or Momina. Ahad is a super talented actor and Momina has given various hits earlier.”

Talking to Twitter, actor Ahad Raza Mir finally spoke on the criticism and wrote: “I am honoured that I got to cover Ko Ko Korina. Some people enjoyed it and some not to so much, which is fair. Look at how we love to appreciate and criticise. It shows our nation is alive. Even after hearing the song. Pun intended.”

Commenting about the Shireen Mazari’s opinion on the song he wrote, “I am also pleasantly surprised that the Minister of Human Rights noticed our attempt, although she did not have very nice things to say, I’m still happy she noticed. Just a piece of advice: better choice of words next time Ms. Minister,” he commented.

“I will continue to work thanks to all those who appreciated his efforts and will work harder to impress the critics,” he concluded.

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