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CDGK to computerise all records

KARACHI, July 20 2006: The housing schemes of city district government Karachi (CDGK) will be computerised before August 14 to save people from any hassle as at present manual records show multi allotments for a single plot. This was disclosed to The News by EDO computers department Uttar Das. He said that at present three housing schemes of Nazimabad, New Karachi and Gulistan-e-Jauhar have been completely fully computerised. He said thousands of cases are in litigation, claimants of a single plot are in multiple numbers but now in these three schemes chances of corruption have been reduced to the lowest.

He informed that now the payroll of the full city government has also been computerised. City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal has already expressed his determination to introduce computers at all levels. The Nazim has hinted along with all other developments being carried out in the metropolis, the security of the Civic Centre to be computerised too. The EDO said that all union councils have been provided with computers and all birth and death records are being computerised. He told The News that some of the UCs have already started issuing computerised birth certificates.

Uttar Das said more than 50 per cent staff of UCs have been imparted training but it takes for the staff to accept the computers as some of them are still reluctant to use computers. It is worth mentioning here that at present, there is a complete mess in the land department where people run from one table to another and still the genuine work takes months. Officials have not provided any proper guideline to facilitate the people so that they could reach the proper desk and the person concerned.
Source: The News