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CDGK drivers’ training programme in limbo

KARACHI, July 12 2006: The driver’s training programme of city government seems to go into limbo for the Karachi Transport Corporation’ (KTC) drivers training institute has not yet been handed over to transport department of city government. The transport and communication department (TCD) had initiated the driver’s training programme to train first the public sector drivers and later to extend it further by involving the private sector drivers. In the first phase the TCD held the programme in its conference room due to lack of space and facilities. However, the programme remained quite successful and was conducted for 30 days from April 20, to May 20, 2006 in collaboration with National Highways & Motorway Police.

According to the plan, which was evolved by the TCD that in the second phase it will be held at the KTC’s drivers training institute in order to expand its scope to train the drivers from public sector. The drivers training programme seems to be unimpressive in its later phases to produce the desired results because of the same reason. On being contacted the senior official of city government told Business Recorder here on July 11 that the KTC drivers training institute has so far not been handed over to the city government therefore resumption of the programme on larger basis for the city government would not be possible.

Regarding the reasons, which have impeded its handing over to the city government, He said the KTC institute had loan-related legal problems besides the terms and conditions between both the parties could not be settled so far. He said the city government has resolved to hold the programme as per plan in collaboration with the National Highways & Motorway Police to minimise the high ratio of road accidents in the metropolis. The officials further said that however, if the KTC drivers’ training institute was handed over to city government the results of the programme would have been far more impressive.
Source: B. Recorder