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PTA ordered to follow rules in blocking websites

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) not to block any website against the provisions of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organisation) Act, 1996. The court also issued notices to the federation, through the Ministry of Information Technology and telecommunication secretary and the PTA, through its chairman. The petitioners, Awab Alvi, […]

Cyber bullies

Sir: Cyber bullying has increased with the use of social networking. When the internet is used to hurt, embarrass, or threaten a person, cyber bullying occurs. It exposes victims’ personal information on the internet for the purpose of intimidation or threats are made on social networking sites. Cyber bullying has become a problem on social […]

Abdullah, 15, works against porn material flood on Internet

Usman Manzoor ISLAMABAD: Generally it is hard to be a teen that is more known for its perils and pitfalls than anything else. But here we have a 15 years old Abdullah Ghazi from Karachi, who has emerged as a symbol of struggle against a fast spreading modern day social evil – unchecked influx of […]

Facebook: Revolutionising how we socialise

By Muhammad Aayan Ali LAHORE: The world is filled with gimmicks and fakeness, which has become a way of life in the current era. There is nothing more important than self-projection these days and survival in society is becoming difficult with each passing day, both financially and socially. Previously, the youth considered having good clothes, […]

Online survey: ‘Pakistani media is partisan, negative and sensationalist’

697 out of 1,025 voters felt that ‘Pakistani media spreads negativity’ in general. The results of an online survey conducted by The Express Tribune revealed that most Pakistanis feel the local media spreads negativity, is sensationalist and is sponsored by political parties. A total of 1,025 Pakistanis and expatriates participated in the online survey. Respondents […]

Internet for students

HUNDREDS or maybe thousands of laptops are being distributed among students of various colleges for doing well in their studies. I am not sure about the criteria. Why is the laptop distribution restricted to only some students? Why not plan and build libraries equipped with books as well as computers with Internet facilities? These will […]

Peace through social media

JOSEPH Kony is an outlaw and a war criminal. He runs an organisation called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which forces children to fight or become sex slaves in a war that does not have any agenda. He is wanted by the Ugandan government and now by the International Court of Justice. It was a […]

How to say yes to online censorship

By Jahanzaib Haque The writer is Web Editor of The Express Tribune and tweets There are two opposing narratives being discussed about the government’s call for a national level internet blocking and filtering system, and both must be understood to find a path forward. On the one hand, NGOs, internet monitoring groups, parts of […]

Internet access: a human right

Huma Yusuf IN November, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) attempted to filter 1,500 words out of SMS messages. The initiative was ridiculed into oblivion, and one thought the government would take a hiatus from clumsy censorship. But no. The National ICT Research and Development Fund, under the aegis of the Ministry of Information Technology, recently […]

Workshop on social media awareness held

KARACHI – Newly-elected Senator Barrister Farogh Naseem has said that education and training polish the talents of human beings, so this is must to train government servants to get better performance from them. He was addressing to participants of a workshop on Social Media Awareness held by City Institute of Image Management KMC. He said […]

Wanted: Censor for Pakistan’s Internet

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is advertising for companies to install an Internet filtering system that could block up to 50 million Web addresses, alarming free speech activists who fear current censorship could become much more widespread. Internet access for Pakistan’s some 20 million Web users is less restricted than in many countries in Asia and the Arab […]

Catalyst in polls: social media or political gimmick

Khawar Ghumman ISLAMABAD: In Pakistan, we have yet to witness a revolution a la Arab Spring, however, that has not stopped social media users from rattling about the impact the medium has and would have on politics. With the general elections round the corner, some analysts have gone to the extent of predicting that social […]

The great (fire) wall of Pakistan

By Jahanzaib Haque The writer is Web Editor of The Express Tribune and tweets First they came for the Baloch websites, silently, without any justification. Then they banned YouTube and Facebook for weeks in the name of blasphemy. Then came the crackdown on online porn, with over 13,000 sites blocked. Then came the end […]

Cost of social media

THE internet and social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook have gained massive public popularity, especially among the youth. Political issues raised on the social media have taken place rapidly. A local case in point is the emergence of Imran Khan and PTI. Imran Khan’s massive public response and his emerging as a “third option” […]