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Karo-kari – Couple shot dead

DADU – A man and a woman were killed on the pretext of Karo-kari near Bhan Saeedabad town on April 5, night. Deedar Rodhnani, 30, was shot dead by three armed men on the Bhan-Chhinni link road. The Bhan Saeedabad police registered an FIR against Miro, Mehmood and Haji Rodhnani on the complaint of Liaquat […]

Man killed over Karo-Kari

NAWABSHAH – A married man was murdered on the allegation of Karo-Kari in Nawabshah on April 6. Accused Zamir Hussain Kamboh appeared before the 60-Mile police, admitting that he had murdered Ghulam Nabi Kamboh in Deh 4, Chak Suhelo for his illicit relations with his sister. The police, on the complaint of father of the […]

Accused in minor girl assault case arrested

HYDERABAD-The Phuleli Police have arrested the accused, 22, year-old boy, on March 15, in assault case of six-year-old girl, who was abused, killed and burnt on March 14, in Makrani Para near Pinjar Poll area. Police informed The Nation on March 15 that accused Maula Bux, son of Hidayatullah, sold confectionary goods in the locality. […]

Woman beaten to death

SUKKAR: A woman was tortured to death by her husband during a dispute over some domestic issue in Dinnal Pirzado village near Kandiaro on March 14, 2004. Behram Pirzada beat his wife, Amina, with a rod over some domestic dispute, However, the truth was revealed when a woman relative found torture marks on the body […]

Languishing in lockups By Hina Shahid

Women prisoners are often held in custody indefinitely by male police officers without the knowledge of the courts. Most incidents of sexual abuse occur during this period of illegal detention. It was a typical after­noon in the courts of law. The British-built red­brick building called the City Court was echoing with noise, and presented a […]