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Olympics coverage and PTV

Let’s give credit where and when it’s due. PTV’s coverage of the recently concluded London 2012 Olympic Games was nice. It did what it could to telecast most number of events, bearing in mind that all other networks in the world were doing the same through multiple TV channels. The fact that PTV put the […]

Geo News first to break Kamra attack news

ISLAMABAD: Keeping with its tradition, Geo News broke the news about an attack on the Kamra airbase late on Wednesday night. According to Pakistan Standard Time, the attack was launched just after 2pm on night between Wednesday and Thursday. Within an hour of the attack, Geo News telecast the news about the attack by suspending […]

Zamurrad, Sweet Homes children participate in Geo’s Shehr-e-Ramazan

KARACHI: The month of Ramazan is departing by folding all its blessings but most successful special transmission of Geo Network ‘Pehchan-e-Ramazan’ remained the most attractive transmission for the people at ending days of this holy month. A large number of people were the part of Shehr-e-Ramazan on the 26th day of the Ramazan transmission hosted […]

Shehr-e-Ramazan flooded with green flags as Geo celebrates 10 birthday

KARACHI: Shehr-e-Ramazan was completely inundated by colourful green flags at sehr and iftar on the occasion of Independence Day on Tuesday, which coincidentally also fell on the same day as Geo’s 10th birthday. On the 25th day of Geo TV’s Pehchan Ramazan broadcast, national songs and na’ats echoed through the studio’s corridors, while scenes of […]

Dr AQ Khan participates in Shehr-e-Ramazan

KARACHI: Renowned scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan on Tuesday participated in Shehr-e-Ramazan, live special transmission of Pehcha-e-Ramazan of Geo TV that is continuing for 25th consecutive day. Dr Abdul Qadeer was the distinguished guest among the guests who participated in Shehr-e-Ramazan hosted by world-renowned broadcaster Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain. The host and the audience welcomed […]

Shab-e-Pehchan to mark Independence Day and 25th of Ramazan

KARACHI: The Independence Day and odd night of 25th of Ramazan have fallen collectively after many years.To mark the occasion, Geo TV will broadcast special direct transmission “Shab-e-Pehchan” which will go on air tonight beginning at 10:00pm. During the broadcast, the participants and viewers will offer prayers and in collective ‘dua’ will seek His blessings […]

TV talk shows

I am a frequent viewer of TV talk shows. Basic idea behind these shows is to educate people on certain issues. There should be an exchange of views in a polite way, but now it appears that our TV talk shows have lost their utility as well as credibility. Anchors and guests are shown screaming, […]

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa TV channel to go on air in four months: minister

PESHAWAR: A departmental performance review meeting held here on Friday with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information, Culture, Transport and Inter-Provincial Co-ordination (IPC) Mian Iftikhar Hussein in the chair was told that approval for the establishment of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa television channel has been given and will go on air in next four months. The meeting was […]

Senate panel underscores need for greater objectivity in PTV’s news content

By: WAQAR LILLAH ISLAMABAD: Senate’s Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting on Friday stressed the need for improving Pakistan Television’s (PTV) news content, making it independent and viable by minimising the Information Ministry’s interference in PTV affairs. The committee said that PTV had been set up to serve the general public and not the government, […]

Hindus, Sikhs, Christians participate in Geo’s Shehr-e-Ramazan

KARACHI: Hindu, Sikh and Christian community participated in the Geo TV’s special transmission ‘Pehchan Ramazan’ on the occasion of ‘victory day of Makkah.’ The members of Sikh, Hindu and Christian community said that they respected the religion of Islam and felt great pleasure by participating in the ‘Shehr-e-Ramazan’ programme as they did not feel themselves […]

Drama deal

Shazman Shariff reports that Indian fans of Pakistani drama serials are excited about the possibility of Pakistani television channels being allowed in India… Anybody who remembers the hilarious skits from Pakistan’s hit comedy show Fifty Fifty might still get cramps in the stomach from laughing, remembering the antics of Ismail Tara and Majid Jehangir. Living […]

Top model Nadia attends Geo TV’s ‘Pehchan Ramazan’

KARACHI: Participation of guests representing a cross section of people in large number still continues in the “Shehr-e-Ramazan” settled in the special direct broadcast of Geo TV “Pehchan Ramazan”. The highlight of the programme is the invitation by the host and world renowned broadcaster Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain to people from different walks of life […]

Sabzwari in Geo’s ‘Pehchan Ramazan’ programme

KARACHI: Talking to world renowned broadcaster and host of direct special Geo TV broadcast “Pehchan Ramazan,” Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain, popular TV artiste Behroz Sabzwari has said his family has religious trend and offers prayers and observes fasts. He said, “My parents infused religious feelings in me right from childhood. After having worked in the […]

PTV chief receives fake SC letter

ISLAMABAD: A letter bearing the ‘signature’ of a Supreme Court official and received by the managing director of Pakistan Television (PTV), Yousuf Baig Mirza, has turned out to be fake. The letter dated July 25 and bearing number HRC-35997-G/2010 was ‘issued’ by the Human Rights Cell of the court to the MD to halt recruitments […]