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Underestimating Radio Pakistan

Apropos of letters by worthy readers against the recommendation by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Broadcasting and Information to charge two per cent on mobile recharge as radio levy and a one-time Rs4,000 on new vehicles, I find no weight in opposition to this move. One point that every writer emphasises is that Radio […]

Q opposes levying 2pc radio tax proposal

ISLAMABAD – The coalition as well as the leading opposition parties have opposed the recommendation of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information to impose radio tax on people to pull out the Pakistan Radio from the financial crisis. The central leader of PML-Q Imtiaz Ranjha while opposing the suggestion to impose radio tax on […]

Pemra warns TV channels over ‘debate’ on Balochistan

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) late Friday night warned private TV channels against holding programmes and talk shows on Balochistan issue highlighting views of some disgruntled Baloch Sardars without any editorial control. In a letter to private TV channels it termed such debates against sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan. It says such programmes […]

Financial crunch: PBC proposes levy of tax on mobile phone calls

Amir Wasim The members were of the view that almost all mobile phones now had inbuilt radio and, therefore, they should be charged for it. ISLAMABAD: Officials of the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), commonly known as Radio Pakistan, on Thursday came up with a proposal to levy a “broadcast cess” on mobile phone users to […]

Radio Pakistan launches new service for US

ISLAMABAD: Radio Pakistan has launched a new service for Pakistanis living in the United States to listen to its programmes by dialing a local number. All programmes on FM 93, FM 94, FM 101, National Broadcasting Service (NBS) the current affairs channel of Radio Pakistan could now be listened to by dialing 8322800683, which is […]

Gender based violence can be minimized by Effective Use of Media

KARACHI: Media can create awareness among the masses regarding gender issues and can bring behavioral changes in society through its programmes and Radio is an active and cheaper source of information and awareness in the rural areas of the country. This was said by the participants of a 3-day training workshop on “Gender Justice and […]


Pemra warns TV channels against defamatory satire

Mumtaz Alvi ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Tuesday took serious note of what it called the creeping undesirable media practices, whereby television channels in particular had started invading the personal privacy in total disregard to social norms and ethics. The authority here in its 73rd meeting took a controversial morning show by a […]

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