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Call for curbing HR violations

UNITED NATIONS – Pakistan on October 25, called on the international community to curb countries engaged in systematic and blatant violation of human rights.

“They must not be allowed to obstruct or impede the course of justice and full implementation of international human rights,” said Pakistan delegate and member of the National Assembly, Gul-i-Farkhanda while addressing the social, cultural and humanitarian issues committee of the UN General Assembly on its agenda item concerning human rights questions.

Saying that “the situations of gross and massive violations of human rights in many parts of our world are a negation of the UN Charter’s core principles Ms Farkhanda noted “there are many reasons for escalation of human rights violations in many regions like the slowing international economy, and inadequacy in governance but the armed conflicts and foreign occupations are the principal causes of human rights violations.

“The effective implementation of the provisions of the UN Charter, UN resolutions, international human rights conventions, Vienna Declaration and humanitarian law must continue to be the main focus of our efforts in the follow up process,” she stressed.

She said: “In the present geo-political scenario, member states are under greater obligation to take measures to prevent the violation of human rights. ”

She noted, however, that “the matter is highly sensitive from both national and international points of view. The issue of human rights protection is projected for mode of respectable association with international community in general and specifically to meet the pressing needs and demands of the present situation in the developing countries.”

She declared that “Pakistan attaches great importance to the promotion and protection of human rights in framing national policies to erect an edifice of responsible and accountable governance in the country”.

Source: Dawn