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Cable TV rules being revised

ISLAMABAD- Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Major General Khalid Bashir said that rules are being revised to make the Cable TV operators responsive and Customer-friendly.

Addressing the Central Monitoring Committee (CMC) on Cable TV, he said that apart from this committee, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) constitute four regional monitoring committees in order to redress the public complaints.

Complaints regarding overcharging, provision of less number of channels, telecasting immoral contents and misbehavior with customers will be dealt with by these committees.

It was observed that since its inception for the last seven months the growth of households benefiting this service has crossed 2.5 million. About 10,000 people have got employment through this system and are providing livelihood to about 50,000 persons.

It is also a source of generating revenue for the government. Tele-density will increase and Information Technology would get boost facilitating distant learning, the committee noted.

Khalid Bashir said that code of ethics would strictly enforce to keep check on Cable TV networks.

The Central Monitoring Committee emphasized that public awareness campaign should be initiated to make people aware about the positive aspects of the Cable TV network. In not too distant future Cable TV network would be used for all electronic Information Service’s including data transmission, Internet and telecommunication. Post Paksitan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) monopoly regime would witness phenomenal growth in telecommunication services.

The committee further emphasized that the Cable TV operators should provide basic transmission service which includes channels and show deference the religious, social, culture, traditional and moral values of the country in relaying programmes and must exhibit Quranic and Islamic channels and two Pakistani channels on the network.

Source: Business Recorder